What Safer Family Pets Stands For

Safer Family Pets is determined to make a positive difference in the lives of pets and pet owners everywhere. Developed out of the parent company, Safer Family Alliance, founder and owner, Kimberlee Leonard realize the major need homes have in preparing for natural disasters and emergency evacuations. On top of pet safety and first aid education, Safer Family Pets works with shelters and non-profit advocacy groups to help more animals find great forever homes. Part of every sale goes to a shelter or pet advocacy group.

If you are a pet lover, please read and learn ways to keep your pets safe and healthy. That keeps more pets out of shelters. Discover how you can volunteer or foster a pet. Make a purchase to support a pet adoption or animal safety advocacy group. We are pet lovers. We cry during movies when the pet gets lost. We cheer when they are reunited. The best Friday night plans get delayed with joy if we can help a lost animal find his way home. Join us. Help us find more pets to help and more shelters to support.