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CBD Oil for Separation Anxiety in Dogs

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Much like in us humans, separation anxiety in dogs is very much present. For instance, you might have often observed your dog getting fearful when you are leaving the house, or when he realizes that you are not with him. Stress, worry, and anxiety can affect your dog as much as it can affect you – weaken its immune system and make it more susceptible to illnesses. CBD oil for anxiety in dogs is still relatively new, but it has shown to be very useful in calming your furry companion’s worry.

CBD oil has earned a great deal of popularity over the last few years, and so a lot of people understand its benefits. However, before we move on to CBD oil can be helpful for separation anxiety in dogs, we need to understand what exactly separation anxiety is and what causes it.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety is a state of the mind which can occur when a pet is away from its owner. Many dogs are often overly attached to their owners, and therefore, the idea of being away from them can cause the pets to worry and panic. This anxiety can manifest softly, or in the form of uncontrolled fear and worry. Your dog might even self-destruct if the separation anxiety levels go beyond a certain point.

Some people connect separation anxiety in dogs to inadequate training and teaching. Even though behavioral training might help, separation anxiety does not always have to do with behavior or attitude. Sometimes, it is just about that inseparable bond that your dog has formed with you – especially in the case of dogs who have grown up alongside a particular person from the time when they were just tiny puppies.

In such cases, your dog is deeply connected to you, and when separated, can cause it to fret. Recent research hints that close to half of all behavior-related issues in dogs are caused by separation anxiety.

People often confuse separation anxiety with isolation anxiety, but the two issues are entirely different. Isolation anxiety is connected to being left entirely alone. Separation anxiety, on the other hand, is caused due to separation from a specific person, even if there are other people around.

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

There are a host of signs that indicate separation anxiety:

  • Brisk pacing: Your dog will try to let out some of its stress by repeatedly walking over certain spots in a room.
  • Panting: Uneasy breathing is one of the signs of anxiety in humans and dogs.
  • Shivering: Much like heavy breathing, shaking uncontrollably is another indication of worry and stress.
  • Uncontrolled urination: The fight-or-flight response activated by anxiety might cause your furry mate to lose control of his bladder.
  • Whimper: A slow, weak whine shows that your pet is beginning to worry.
  • Anti-social tendencies: A dog who is worried about being separated from his master, would not want to be with anyone else. As a result, it might start exhibiting anti-social behavior with other humans or even fellow dogs.

Why Use CBD Oil to Tackle Separation Anxiety in Dogs

First things first, Cannabidiol (or CBD), is a compound inside hemp and cannabis and is totally different from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Therefore, CBD oil alone should not cause your dog to be high or ‘drugged’. CBD oil has been used on humans as an excellent remedy for mental issues like depression and anxiety. Alongside that, it has been very effectively used to mitigate pain, allergies, and digestion problems. When you use THC on dogs, you need to be mindful that there is a maximum dose that dogs can safely consume.

The endocannabinoid is existent in both dogs and many other mammals. This means that there are certain receptors in the brain and other body organs that produce endocannabinoid chemicals to improve mood and mental state. CBD oil for anxiety in dogs can be effective by supplementing this already-present system by releasing more serotonin into the brain and reducing anxiety.

This means that using CBD oil can help your pet become calm and relaxed, thus relieving him of the anxiety and helping him deal with the separation better. CBD oil is indicating a very encouraging result in this regard.

How to Give CBD Oil to Your Pet

There are a number of ways in which you can make your dog consume CBD oil. These are some of those ways:

  • Combine it with its favorite food: Prepare your dogs meal or favorite treat by drizzling the CBD oil on it. 
  • Use products with CBD infused: There are plenty of prepared dog snacks you can get which already contain CBD oil. Do make sure the THC content is less than 0.3% to prevent a potentially toxic amount. 
  • Put it directly into their mouth: Certain dogs are just too particular about their snacks, and therefore, will pick up even the slightest change in taste. For such pets, it is recommended to simply feed them the oil using a dropper or a small spoon.

To best help with separation anxiety, daily CBD supplements can help. Daily administration will allow your pet’s body to adjust itself to the CBD oil and give consistent results. You may find that it is easier to work with your pet on training to rectify the behaviors associated with separation anxiety when they are on CBD as well. 

Checking with Your Vet

Like with all other supplements, you need to make sure that you discuss the CBD oil usage with your vet, before using it on your beloved friend. There are a number of factors to consider (such as age and weight), and the veterinarian will help you figure out the ideal dose.

Secondly, thoroughly research the source through which you plan to purchase CBD oil. Pay attention to things like ingredients and customer reviews. Your dogs CBD oil should not have artificial ingredients, sweeteners us humans choose to consume, or THC levels over 0.3%. There are a lot of reputable sources you can purchase CBD oil from. Be on the lookout for companies or individuals selling CBD oil for unbelievably low (or high) prices. 

You need to be watchful of the THC content since it is known to be toxic to dogs. It is best to discuss things with your vet before administering THC-based products to your pet.

It has always been tough to identify and address separation anxiety in dogs, especially with the lack of treatment options available. However, with CBD oil, we finally have a very promising treatment. It helps relax your pet in a way that does not cause him – and by extension, you – any kind of discomfort or pain.


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