Human Foods Your Dog Can Eat

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Dogs owners love to toss a little (or lot) of table scraps to those pleading eyes sitting at their feet. Pet owners are becoming more and more aware of the potential problems with foods toxic to dogs. But there are human foods you dog can eat. Ice cream really isn’t on that list.

We’ll admit, we are not above handing off the ends of broccoli or a bit of a banana. Take a look at this list to see what you might not have thought your dog can eat that he will love you for and you won’t have to feel guilty about the potential risk.

Here are a few things you can share with you little beggar:

Protein for Dogs


Every holiday season boasts commercials with pups finding their way to the top of the Thanksgiving table to munch on the beautiful turkey.  While we know that Uncle Joe won’t share well with the dog, there are a few other issues to keep in mind, fat and seasoning that can make the dog sick.

So give Uncle Joe all the skin, slathered in butter and garlic and let Chewie have the inner breast in moderation – no one likes white meat anyway.  It’s a good source of protein and your dog will love you – well, maybe not Aunt Jean so much.


If you want a happy dog, buy beef liver from the grocery store and dry it out. Homemade liver treats are definitely one of the human foods your dog can eat. Our dog will sit for the hours it takes to prepare his liver treats, making sure the dehydrator isn’t sucking the flavor our of his homemade treats.

Take the time to cut the liver into smaller pieces so it cooks faster. Keep some moisture in the treats for a scrumptious result for your dog. Just keep in mind that the moisture means it will spoil faster. That’s okay, we doubt your dog will let that happen.


Eggs are a great source of protein and nutrients for your furball.  Cook it thoroughly and without seasoning to make sure they won’t get sick with salmonella.  Eggs are high in fat, so mix these up with the green beans to make sure your dog doesn’t need to join a gym for his New Year’s Resolutions.

Also, keep in mind that some dogs have an intolerance to chicken products, so if you haven’t given him an egg before, do so in moderation and keep an eye for an upset tummy.

Vegetables for Dogs

Green Beans:

Who doesn’t love a green bean casserole?  Your dog.  Well, to be fair, your dog will love a green bean casserole but you won’t like the results with the seasoning, butter and other good stuff that can make them sick.  But don’t hesitate set aside half a cup of green beans just for your holiday sidekick.

He will eat them raw or steams; he’ll eat them any way you make them, but this way there is no salt, fat or spice that could upset their tummy or worse, lead to pancreatitis.  Heck, your overweight dog won’t even know you’re giving them a diet food and the kisses to follow will be better than a kiss from Aunt Jean.


Fresh from the appetizer table to the chopping block at the stuffing prep station, your dog will love crunching on a carrot.  No protein here, but a lot of fiber and vitamins.  They are also a low-calorie snack that beats your licking the brownie bowl and are said to be good for their teeth.

One word of caution, carrots are a choking hazard, so do what you would do for any toddler at the table, chop them up into manageable pieces.  If you make a fresh liver stew for your dog, toss some carrots in for flavor and added nutrition.


Time for dessert.  Don’t think Fido will be sleeping by the fireplace yet. He wants that sweet treat too.  So while you slice the pumpkin pie and douse it in whip cream – maybe douse is just me – make sure you have kept a bit of fresh pumpkin or pumpkin puree for the pooch.

Pumpkin is often recommended when dogs are having digestive issues; it’s low in calories, high in fiber and gives them a ton of flavor to enjoy.  Whether from the can or fresh, just make sure there are no spices that could create upset instead of joy.  After all, not only do you have to clean the kitchen later, you will also need to clean up after them if you indulge too much or with the wrong ingredients.

Some Natural Probiotics for Dogs


Oatmeal is high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is also a good source of probiotics to help your dog’s digestive tract stay on track. To keep oatmeal on the list of human foods your dog can eat, make sure it isn’t a prepacked bag that has tones of sugar or additives.

Keep it natural for your dog to get the benefit. Make it just like you would your own oatmeal with a little hot water. Add it to their kibble for a heftier fiber serving if your dog is constipated or having tummy troubles.

Final Thoughts on Human Foods Your Dog Can Eat

If you are thinking about tossing something to those sad puppy dog eyes, stop and think: what human food can dogs eat. We’re pretty good in our house about knowing what Arky can and can’t eat. He has a sensitive tummy. But there are times I find myself about to toss him something without thinking.

I’m sure he wouldn’t mind but I’d hate for one grape to lead to a major problem.

As with all dietary changes, do so in moderation and pay attention to any changes in demeanor or health in your dog.  We want Fido to enjoy the meal, not get sick.

Keep in mind that some animals have intolerances to certain foods.  Don’t season what the dog will eat or trim away fat where possible. If you really want to spoil that pup, make him his very own stew with all the great foods he can have. He’ll feel like he’s part of his human family and probably ask for a seat at the table with the good China to eat out of.

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