Two brown dogs looking at something

A New Puppy? Older Dog Introductions

A New Puppy? Older Dog Introductions Bringing a new puppy home sends a wave of energy throughout the house. When puppies aren’t sleeping, they’re probably looking for a playmate, trouble or food. If you think you’re getting a puppy to give an older dog some company, don’t expect your adult dog to open the little… View Article
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Dog Dental Hygiene

Your dog relies on his canines to properly chew and digest his food. But good dog dental hygiene goes well beyond his need to eat. It helps him keep healthy teeth and gums, reducing and preventing infections that could shorten your best friend’s life. Good dog dental hygiene is about quality preventative care. There are… View Article
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How to Help a Choking Cat

Cats are the independent pet and we seem to think that hacking up a hairball is just normal behavior. Learn the difference between coughing up hairballs and having a serious choking issue. Reacting appropriately could be the difference between life and death for your feline friend. If you are unsure how to deal with a… View Article
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Puppy chewing on dish scrub brush.

How to Help a Choking Dog

Learning how to help a choking dog could be what saves your best friends life. The Heimlich Maneuver works the same for dogs as it does for humans with a few adaptive biology adjustments. Dogs can start choking for a variety of reasons so always make sure you are keeping a watchful eye on toys,… View Article
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Three dogs with collars looking up.

Types of Dog Collars and Harnesses

Some dogs have their own closest with sweaters, scarves and a million other accessories. Other dogs want nothing to do with high fashion and are quite comfortable with their collar as their primary accessory. Dog owners may have an everyday collar, a training collar and even a special occasion collar. If that wags your dog’s… View Article
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Caring for Your Cat After Spay or Neutering

No one needs to tell you to spay or neuter your cat. Even a housecat might be tempted to make a dash through the door if feeling the urge to mingle with the locals. Spay and neuter clinics around the country work with cat owners to make the procedure accessible and affordable. Understanding how to… View Article
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Dog CPR: Prepare for the Emergencies

Dog CPR refers to the act of a person doing CPR on a dog in an emergency situation such as drowning or other cardiac condition. It doesn’t refer to a dog doing CPR on a person and while there may be a few service dogs that do this, every dog owner should take the time… View Article
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Human Foods Your Dog Can Eat

Dogs owners love to toss a little (or lot) of table scraps to those pleading eyes sitting at their feet. Pet owners are becoming more and more aware of the potential problems with foods toxic to dogs. But there are human foods you dog can eat. Ice cream really isn’t on that list. We’ll admit,… View Article
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Service Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs and Canine Companions

Services dogs are specially trained dogs that are able to perform tasks and aid their handler who has some level of disability requiring assistance. Emotional support dogs, also called therapy animals) are not services dogs but are trained to assist with psychological or physiological therapies. A canine companion is just your pal. Can we be… View Article
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What Foods Are Bad for Dogs and Cats

Even though there are a lot of similarities between dog and human biology, a lot of good foods good for humans are dog poison concerns. Key food culprits to never let your dog have are onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, ham, apples, and chocolate. Any of these could lead to serious health issues, even death. Even… View Article
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Dog in front of Discovery.

Dog Car Safety: Preventing Disaster

There is a lot of talk about child passenger safety among parents, but we often overlook the safety needs of dogs when traveling with us. In a car accident, not only can your unsecured dog get seriously injured, perhaps even thrown from the vehicle, but he might also become a projectile that harms you or… View Article
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